​​Sunrider® Lifestyle of Health, Beauty and Freedom

Make a beauty promise to yourself. Choose Kandesn and Oi-Lin Color Cosmetics and Skin Care to keep you on the cutting edge of beauty. Ramp up your beauty regime to Sunrider's supremely safe, all natural, highly regenerative skincare and beauty products. There is no competition in the market place when you understand these products. Experience them for yourself. You'll love them!

  • Easiest daily program
  • Age-defying and highly regenerative
  • Supremely safe, naturally derived
  • Breathable vs. pore-clogging oils
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • pH matched vs. pH stripping

Our special skin care treatments address all of your skin care concerns using the finest herbal extracts.

Kandesn is the age-defying solution to

  • Tired looking skin
  • Unwanted blemishes
  • Skin cancer prevention​

There is a difference with Sunrider: Gorgeous for Women, Mantastic for Men!

Why We Love Sunrider

Dr. Shelly Nash – After 1 week, I’m using SR exclusively
Ruth Jamieson - It’s like a wow!
Edde Sailor – My skin protected by fabulous array of skin care products
Shirley Reber - Always had trouble with any skin care products-not SR
Priscilla Valldejuli – But the most amazing difference was the change in my skin!

Radiant Skin Care and Colorful Cosmetics