​​Sunrider® Lifestyle of Health, Beauty and Freedom

1.  SunFit® Protein Plus

  • NuPlus + pea and rice 
  • High protein yet so easy to digest and delicious 
  • Builds muscle instead of leading to muscle loss like most weight loss products
  • Superior NuPlus nutrition 

4.  Fortune Delight®
Powerful antioxidants hydrate and clean up the digestive system while flushing out the fat.

You + any friends or family who want to participate!


  • 4% of body weight loss is the goal 
  • 4 weeks of focus 
  • 4 digestive system support products 
  • $40 incentive for competing with yourself (optional) 
  • 4 friends (if you choose to invite) 
  • 4 encouragement 

4 weeks of focus

On your computer or phone or in person! Meet once a week for support and encouragement. 

Slim Down & Power Up! Lose those “love handles” and get that fat moving out!
Address the challenges that prevent you from losing weight and keeping it off.
How? By building up your digestive system versus just taking weight loss products.

  • Slow metabolism 
  • Overeating 
  • Cravings 
  • Not enough energy to maintain a healthy weight 
  • Losing muscle instead of building it (fat is burned in the muscle)
  • Lack of emotional balance 
  • Gaining extra weight after working hard to lose it 

Get Ready!

3.  VitaTaste®
Helps your body overcome cravings as well as blocks sugar and carb absorption. 

2.  SunTrim™ Shake
Totally different than our NuPlus or VitaShake--the cost reflects the new & improved process making it 3x more concentrated, very effective and different from most weight loss products.

  • Designed to help stop cravings 
  • Leaves you satisfied for hours 
  • Provides increased energy as the body starts to let go and burn fat

Four Healthy Weight Products

4 Weeks / 4% Weight Loss / 4 Products / 4 Friends