​​Sunrider® Lifestyle of Health, Beauty and Freedom

Gene Sullivan - Longest touring motor cycle jumper – thank you SR
Stephanie Moore - I’ve found focus for the game, my body to delivers 110%.
Margie Mettenet – Still competing  tennis with those 20 yrs. younger
Judy Caron – I’ve set new age-group   bike records – 3 years in a row
John Teng – Body building-Show the world why SR is so special
Amanda Stark – Shaved off 20 min. last half marathon (running)
Kristy L. Kurtz - Running, cycling, weight lifting, holistic nutritionalist-love SR!
Laura Kahn-Azzopardi - Half-Dome in California at age 50-endurance!
Lisa Kasick - Sunrider is the “game changer” for life!

Sport / Repair / Endurance

Whether I am running, cycling, or weight lifting, my Sunrider foods are an extremely important part of my exercise routine!  All of these products give me the energy I need, make me stronger, and keep me toned and fit!

The life and energy in these Sunrider foods are remarkable and beyond one’s expectations. The convenience, concentration and superior care that goes into Sunrider foods from beginning to end truly sets it apart, and it is the reason for Sunrider’s success the last 30+ years.

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Repair and Endurance

"I have discontinued all my prior supplements. I have not taken whey protein or any protein supplement thermogenic in well over 10 years. My weight lifting and training level has not diminished but increased. My strength and energy have incresed and my appetite remains stable." - Gene, MT