“You have an antibody for everything that comes into your body if your immune system is strong." - Emerson

“Whether the Immune System is over-active (auto immune) or under active, the body is designed to heal itself and come into “Balance”

The beauty of Regeneration: You can restore the balance (health) in the body as you Nourish + Cleanse the body

To give our bodies the tools to regenerate means:

  • Enough: that’s why SR chooses to concentrate the food
  • Right Kinds: We choose system specific foods to restore the balance to the weak systems vs. treating the symptoms
  • Whole Foods: We nourish with whole foods vs. isolates or medicinals. These SR foods are herbs which are a much higher level of nourishment than our beans and vegetables.

Immune System

At The First Sign of Illness...

Stop it in it's tracks with

  • 2 Alpha 20-C
  • 2 Conco
  • 2 Goldenseal
  • Strong Calli - 1 bag/cup

Repeat hourly until it STOPS!

Why We Love Sunrider

  • Kay Larsen – Day 3, the sun came out for me, no more inhalers etc, etc.

​​Sunrider® Lifestyle of Health, Beauty and Freedom

How Much Do We Eat?

  • Once a day – The Body Wakes Up & Maintenance
  • Twice a day – Exciting Changes
  • Three times a day – Full Speed Regeneration

It takes 90 days for the body to start working in harmony. But it starts with that first bite or drink.