​​Sunrider® Lifestyle of Health, Beauty and Freedom

How Much Do We Eat?

  • Once a day – The Body Wakes Up & Maintenance
  • Twice a day – Exciting Changes
  • Three times a day – Full Speed Regeneration

It takes 90 days for the body to start working in harmony. But it starts with that first bite or drink.




“You have an antibody for everything that comes into your body if your immune system is strong." - Emerson

“Whether the Immune System is over-active (auto immune) or under active, the body is designed to heal itself and come into “Balance”

The beauty of Regeneration: You can restore the balance (health) in the body as you Nourish + Cleanse the body

To give our bodies the tools to regenerate means:

  • Enough: that’s why SR chooses to concentrate the food
  • Right Kinds: We choose system specific foods to restore the balance to the weak systems vs. treating the symptoms
  • Whole Foods: We nourish with whole foods vs. isolates or medicinals. These SR foods are herbs which are a much higher level of nourishment than our beans and vegetables.

Immune System

At The First Sign of Illness...

Stop it in it's tracks with

  • 2 Alpha 20-C
  • 2 Conco
  • 2 Goldenseal
  • Strong Calli - 1 bag/cup

Repeat hourly until it STOPS!

Why We Love Sunrider

  • Kay Larsen – Day 3, the sun came out for me, no more inhalers etc, etc.