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In today’s stressful world, we are all so thankful for the resources we have in Sunrider foods; they can help us keep a balanced mind, body and nervous system.  Overall feeling well and thinking clearly - emotional and mental balance:

  • TOP - Nourishes from the shoulders up. Soothing to the pain center, sinus, mental clarity, brain function, memory, creativity, chemical balance. (Eat in the morning)
  • JOI - Nourishing to the joints, helps reduce inflammation in muscles, joints & skeletal system. (Eat at noon)
  • ESE - Nourishing to the central nervous system, addictions and withdrawls, focus and concentration; Anti-anxiety & stress - Soothing to the Mind/Nerves and entire body, sleep apnea. (Eat am and bedtime).

Stay in Balance
"If you want to feel great and stay in balance, become part of the Jet Set!" - Dotty P, TN

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