4 Healthy Digestive System Foods

  • SunTrim™ Shake
  • SunFit® Protein Plus
  • VitaTaste®
  • Fortune Delight® Beverage

Happy Sunrider Stories

Need a nice collection of Happy Sunrider Stories to share with your new prospect/Sunrider. 

pH and Chart

NBC 30 Day Trifold (pdf) 2/18/18

Want a concise handout to present or share the Basics:  Nourish, Balance, Cleanse?

Basic Sunrider Meal Plan(pdf)

​Need help in explaining how to eat the basics on a daily basis

Yuck List

A list of health challenges to share with a person just getting started on their SR journey.  Have them check where they are starting.  Date it, put it away for 1-3 months.  Then revisit it as encouragement as to how much progress they have made. 


​​Sunrider® Lifestyle of Health, Beauty and Freedom


Unique to the Market Place
Show the uniqueness of SR – why these foods are successful,  these are our criteria when comparing SR with other product

An Old New Approach to Health & Wellness
Beautifully written introduction…Philosophy of Regeneration, history, and Nourish, Balance, Cleanse

Is Sunrider Expensive?
When people think SR is expensive – simply show them all the cost saving benefits.​​

17 Reasons Why Network Marketing is the Most Powerful Income Model (pdf)
Why this industry is #1.

​Realize Your Dreams (pdf)
​With clear, written goals you significantly increase your success.

What's Your Personality Type:  Test  (pdf)
Take this test and let your mentor know your personality.  This can help both of you as you work together.

Want to value people's differences, reduce frustration and conflict, understand what motivates, how people shop, etc.

Gems - Summary

Log_Prospect Join Product FollowUp

Log_IBO Mentoring

Time Management - A

Time Management - B

​11 Daily Activities - Craig Holiday

25 Ways to Win with People 

Nothing will grow your business faster than you personally growing your people skills.  Practice 1 new skill/week  for 25 weeks and see your life dramatically changed. 

Commitment between Mentor and New IBO(pdf)

​Your commitment to each other.

Who Sponsors Who?
Ever wonder who gets to be the sponsor when several have shared SR with someone? 

100 Names Mind Joggers (pdf)  

To help make your list

Book of the Month List(pdf)

One of the keys to greatness is reading and listening to books.  Here’s a beginning list of great books…..  Make a goal to read a book a month. 

Why I Love Sunrider as a Business (pdf)